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In order to be a good woman one must have a good intention & sympathy for all the people & sentient beings
I'll tell you one thing: There are no thighs that look as good as the ones that are about to walk out your front door and never come back. This is doubly true if she's a good woman because you'll learn real quick how 
tough it is to find another.

Men cannot live on broads alone, even though they'd like to. As much as you want to chase tail forever, if you find a good woman, consider the fact that they don't come along often. Having a woman that you can trust is invaluable, especially after the world has boxed your ears for a few decades. Rest assured that I ain't no saint, but I try to keep priorities straight at home. 
You'll never have a shortage of problems in life, so I say forget about DATING WOMEN stuck on the "crazy" setting. A friend of mine got stabbed in the leg with a fork by his goomah. Need I say more? Those chicks are nighttime fun, sure, but they are erratic and costly, and they distract you from business. Besides, I'm not sure adulthood is meant to be fun. Your 20s were meant to be fun. After that, the real world expects responsibility, and a good woman can help you find success. I'll tell you what: In your 40s, the most fun in life comes after you've worked hard at something and can celebrate a victory, such as after you've pulled off a casino scam.
So what is a good woman? I know what you're thinking: a deaf-mute Pamela Anderson. But jokes aside, here are some things to look for and a few to avoid. 
good qualities
The same rule that applies to capos and bosses can apply to your wife or girlfriend. Loyalty is a virtue, especially when it comes to pillow talk at bedtime.  Secrets get shared in every relationship. If she's nosy, that's a problem, but over the course of time — unless you're sleeping with a real deadbolt — she'll figure certain things out, and she of all people had better not be a rat.

One thing that's very important is how she represents you when you're apart. If she goes out with the girls and drags you down endlessly, that's disaffection, brother. If she has a low opinion of you, it needs to be confined and then unwound. In the same way, you shouldn't be dragging her name through the mud. If there's a problem, fix it at home or tackle the issue constructively, but you don't need her plaguing your reputation when plenty of cafones are willing to do it already. If she's got to criticize you, it’s better to have it done to your face. 
There’s no way you’ll get anywhere in life if you have some broad nagging at you….

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Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Tips For Better Sex

The Importance of Sex

When I was writing my syndicated advice column on sex and relationships at least once a week I was asked “How important is sex in a relationship”? The volunteers at San Francisco Sex Information tell me this is one of their most frequent questions as well.

If you immediately answered “very” I bet I can guess your age.

Actually, that was unfair. Of course there are more young people who will give that answer than older people, but beyond a very broad generalization like that there are many variations. The answer to this will be particular to the individual and will vary according to age, current sexual satisfaction or deprivation, and life particulars at the time the question is posed. One quip I’ve heard on the topic is that sex is like air: “not very important unless you are deprived of it; then it’s crucial!”

So, how important is sex to a relationship? It absolutely depends on its importance to each of the people having the relationship.
More couples than you would guess who appear happy to their friends and relations (and perhaps even are) are in sexless relationships. A sexless relationship is commonly defined as one wherein sex happens less than 10 times a year. That factoid will be interpreted by some people as two people are ”supposed to”“ have sex more than that, no matter their preferences or circumstances.

One of the ambiguities here is my oft-stated truth that sex does not equal penis in vagina intercourse. Is a couple “having sex” if they engage in some other form of intercourse, such as oral or anal? What if they are having some other form of sex such as rubbing against one another, any part against any part, which is pleasurable and can result in orgasm to either or both? Isn’t that sex too? It is in my book. Perhaps the question might be recast as how important is orgasm or even how important is pleasurable and intimate touch?

I think often what is being asked when the “how important is sex” question is posed is “how often should my partner and I have sex in order to be considered normal?” What also might be behind this question is another worry such as “I’m afraid I can’t perform according to expectations so can I still have a relationship?” or “my partner is complaining about how often we have sex or what kind of sex we have so who is right here?”

Since this common question can mask many other concerns I usually respond “How important is sex to you?” If the person asking is coupled I also ask “Does your partner agree?” Generally not, or the question would not have arisen. Once a year or once a day, if whatever is happening between them is sufficient sex, there is no problem. Asking for outside validation is irrelevant.

So while the answer is often frustrating to the one who poses it (as sex itself, maybe), the definitive answer to the question of how important is sex to a relationship has to be “it depends”.

Friday, May 15, 2015

STEPS TOWARDS Affiliate Marketing Business

 Do research. Find out which products are the most popular & what are of those conversion rate are. Visit the seller's site to see whether their sales letters are big enough to generate sales. A conversion rate of 5% is reasonably good. This means that for every 100 people landing on your merchant’s website, 5 visitors will place an order.

2. Join an affiliate program.
 Choose a program that offers recurring commissions that compound each month as you refer more customers.

3. Promote an affiliate program through a website. You will have more options in sending potential buyers to your affiliate programs if you create a website to promote your affiliate programs. Visiting other professional websites of your niche is a good way to get some ideas on how to design your website.

4. Make your website content relevant. For example, if your affiliate sells e-books, you can write a review or make a YouTube video for each e-book with an affiliate link to the sales website.
Drive targeted traffic to your website. To earn affiliate commission you need to drive targeted traffic to your website. The more traffic your website gets, the more likely you’ll generate sales. There are several ways to drive targeted traffic to your site in short period of time:
        Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. You can get a lot of targeted traffic from PPC advertising programs. The two most popular and effective PPC advertising programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. These programs allow you to bid for top rankings on the keywords of your choice. When someone enters a search term matches your keyword in the PPC search engine and press the search button, your contextual ad will appear on the sidebar of the search result page. If the visitor clicks through your ad to your website, you’ll be charged based on your bid amount. Also, PPC advertising programs will distribute your ads to websites of their content networks also.
        Article Marketing. Write an article related to your affiliate products with a link to your website in the article’s resource box and submit it to credible article directories. To get more and continuous targeted traffic, you need to write more articles, however make sure that the articles are quality. Try to publish a new article every week. Doing this for a year can drive truckloads of free traffic to your website.
        Post Messages on Forums. Post messages on community forums with a link to your site in the signature of each message. Make sure your forum profile includes your website link within the signature option. Spend a few hours navigating the pages of the forums. You can ask questions and post informative and helpful replies to other peoples’ questions or messages to build your status. The more people trust you, the more likely they will click your link.
        Post videos on youtube about the product. These video reviews are the quickest and the most effective way to build trust by showing the benefits of the product in real time. Since Google owns youtube your videos can even rank high in the google organic search. You can even provide a link under the video and you can encourage your visitors to purchase the product through your affiliate link.

 Amazon's a-store widget is a quick start way to start selling Amazon products on your website as an affiliate.
         Use banners on the sidebar, in content, and in the header and footer of your blog posts. The most popular creative sizes are available for any good affiliate program. Be sure to target the banners and links you put on your blog, relating them closely to your blog's niche.
         Use in-line link plugins for Wordpress to insert affiliate links in your blog posts.

Friday, January 4, 2013


"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win."
– Mahatma Gandhi

A true winner is someone who is totally different in achieving his desires. He can do the things beyond expectations, beyond imaginations that most of the people startle at his successes. Why is he different? He sets the high level of success in his mind. He always carries a high & true potential of his mindset.
He never feels lazy or uneasy. He has already developed a winning mindset. He will never give up!
Some people have already said that a true potential of a person has slept deep inside his mind. I urge you to believe this! You can reset your mindsets. You shouldn't be as same the ordinary people. Pull out of your comfort zone and start to do some important works that have a greater value in your life. Commit 100% responsibility and always develop a winning mindset. You should always be the best! Then only you can do great or whatever you want in your life.

And also you should do something great that nobody can do! For example, you work on a very large project that that most people never thought possible. You should be able to take up large responsibilities with your winning mindsets. Let me ask you one question. If you feel difficult in doing your works, how many times you are going to feel difficult?

Finally, think great thoughts and take great actions. Your actions will determine the results of your thoughts. So don’t wait for luck like the ordinary people. They will not understand the way of your thinking. If you are going to take great action towards your big goals, they will directly underestimate your capabilities. They might even laugh at you! So don’t compare yourself with the ordinary people. But I don’t mean you to hate them. After all, they are all human beings. Be kind and tender to all the sentient beings. They all have the ability to stand on their greatness if they are actually good enough to develop the high winning mindsets.
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